Pre-Improcon workshop with Linda Sharrock and Mario Rechtern

If you are already in the region before Improcon starts, you are very welcome to participate in an intensive music workshop for various approaches to improvisation and composition through the integration and communication of individuals. The workshop will be directed by American vocalist Linda Sharrock and Austrian saxophonist Mario Rechtern. All those who are interested in communication, improvisation and composition are kindly invited to attend. The pre-Improcon event will be held between 7-9 August 2017 at Klub Metulj in Bitrica ob Sotli, Slovenia, only 15 kms from our new festival location at Veliki Tabor Castle, Croatia. If you are interested, please subscribe to the workshop at Photo by Julien Palomo

Improcon 2017 participants announced

The participants’ list of Improcon 2017 is finally here! In the past weeks we received applications from all over the world. After this year off and after finding our new festival location, Improcon is honoured to host more than 70 artists – musicians, performers, dancers, visual artists, poets etc. – from 18 countries. Please note: as we are getting closer to the date of the festival, there may be slight changes in the participants’ list.

From the United States: Linda Sharrock – voice.

From Canada: Julie Delisle – bass flute.

From Mexico: Mauricio Valdes – guitar.

From Argentina: Tatiana Heuman – drums.

From Great Britain: Tom Jackson – clarinet, Benedict Taylor – viola, Daniel Thompson – guitar.

From Australia: Trevor Brown – bass clarinet.

From Japan: Rieko Okuda – viola and piano.

From Sweden: Henrik Olsson – amplified objects and electronics, Anna Ehrlemark – graphic art.

From Finland: Antti Virtaranta – double bass.

From France: Vincent Pernollet – graphic art.

From Italy: Erika Sofia Sollo – voice, Elisa Ulian – voice, Lucio Tasca – guitar.

From Germany: Norbert R. Stammberger – saxophone, Margarthe Maierhofer-Lischka – double bass, Teresa Riemann – drums.

From Austria: Yvonne Hofmeister – voice and flute, Mario Rechtern – saxophone, Markus Krispel – saxophone, Eva Ursprung – saxophone, Sylvia Bruckner – piano, Irene Kepl – violin, Gabriele Drab – paetzold recorder, Harald Hofmeister – guitar, Peter Plessas – guitar.

From Slovenia: Ina Puntar – voice, Žiga Jenko – voice, Matej Bunderla – saxophone, Marko Jenič – violin, Ana Kravanja – violin, viola, Samo Kutin – hurdy-gurdy, Klemen Šali – electronics, Ivo Poderžaj – bass guitar, Jošt Drašler – double bass, Tomaž Grom – double bass, Matjaž Bajc – double bass, Gašper Livk – double bass, Vid Drašler – drums, Zala Pezdir – dance, Tea Grahek – dance and video documentation, Eva Kosel – photo documentation.

From Croatia: Zoran Kelava – clarinet, Henry Marič – bass clarinet, Damir Prica – saxophone, Miodrag Gladović – guitar, Boris Janje – double bass, Ivan Mršič – percussions, Marija Dejanović – poetry, Vid Jeraj – poetry, Žarko Jovanovski – poetry, Siniša Matasović – poetry.

From Serbia: Marina Džukljev – piano, Tijana Stanković – violin, Aleksandar Škorić – drums, Igor Petković – performance, Mileta Mijatović – poerty, Igor Ripak – art installation and photo documentation.

From Macedonia: Ivan Trenev – accordion.

From Hungary: Balázs Wizner – trumpet, Gergő Kováts – saxophone, Dániel Cseke – saxophone, Ottó Horváth – trombone, Máté Pozsár – piano, Bálint Bolcsó – electronics, Albert Márkos – cello, Péter Ajtai – double bass, Szilveszter Miklós – drums.