85 artists from 17 countires – Improcon 2018 participants announced

The participants’ list of Improcon 2018 is finally here! In the past months we have received applications from all over the world, and this year Improcon is honoured to host 85 artists – musicians, performers, dancers, visual artists, poets etc. – from 17 countries. Please note: as we are getting closer to the date of the festival, there may be slight changes in the participants’ list.

From Japan: Rieko Okuda – viola and piano.

From Taiwan: Hsiang-Hsin Malikah Wang – tap dance.

From Australia: Casey Moir – voice and electronics, Trevor Brown – clarinet and saxophone.

From United States: Linda Sharrock – voice, Lester St. Louis – cello.

From Finland: Antti Virtaranta – double bass, Petrus Hyvönen – photo documentation.

From Sweden: Johan Moir – double bass.

From The Netherlands: Miriam Den Boer Salmón – violin, Havan Hees – electronics.

From Great Britain: Adam Webster – cello.

From France: Jean-Christophe Mastnak – french horn and flugelhorn.

From Italy: Erika Sofia Sollo – voice, Elisa Ulian – voice and accordion, Silvia Barbotto – clarinet, Lucio Tasca – guitar, Andro Manzoni – drums.

From Germany: Angelika Sheridan – flute, Ruben Rübezahl – flute and electronics, Mario Rechtern – saxophone, Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba, Ria Rehfuss – piano and dance, Volkmar Müller – electronics, Zacharias Fasshauer – double bass.

From Austria: Yvonne Hofmeister – flute, Jakob Gnigler – saxophone, Markus Krispel – saxophone, Michael Masen – saxophone, Mario Sefelin – piano, voice and poetry, Harald Hofmeister – guitar, Moritz Morast – guitar and electronics, Richie Herbst – electronics, Stefan Voglsinger – electronics, Georg Wissa – percussions and voice.

From Slovenia: Tea Vidmar – voice, Pia Podgornik – saxophone, Tilen Lebar – saxophone, Sara Korošec – voice and piano, Rok Zalokar – piano, Tilen Draksler – piano and accordion, Marko Jenič – violin, Nina Farič – electronics, Neven M. Agalma – electronics, Klemen Šali – electronics, Primož Sukič – guitar, Domen Gnezda – guitar, Jernej Babnik Romaniuk – guitar, Ivo Poderžaj – guitar and bass guitar, Peter Lebar – bass guitar, Jošt Drašler – double bass, Gašper Livk – double bass, Dré Hočevar – drums, Marek Fakuč – drums, Miha Zadnikar – lecture, Zala Pezdir – dance, Tea Grahek – dance and video documentation, Nina Pernat – photo documentation, Žiga Gruden – photo documentation.

From Croatia: Herny Marić – clarinet, Zoran Kelava – clarinet, Capri Kafka – saxophone, Miodrag Gladović – guitar, Boris Janje – double bass, Ivan Mršić – percussions and amplified objects, Marija Dejanović – poetry, Žarko Jovanovski – poetry, Siniša Matasović – poetry, Vid Jeraj – poetry.

From Serbia: Goran Erić – trumpet, Marina Džukljev – piano, Tijana Stanković – violin, Ivan Burka – vibraphone, Aleksandar Škorić – drums.

From Montenegro: Marija Mitrovič – piano.

From Hungary: Attila Dóra – clarinet and saxophone, Ottó Horváth – trombone, Ernő Zoltán Rubik – piano, Albert Márkos – cello, Gábor Hartyáni – cello, Roland Heidrich – guitar, Bálint Bolcsó – electronics, Zoltán Kerekes – video documentation, Zoltán Papp – producer.

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