About Improcon

Improcon – Congress Of Free Improvised Music, Arts & Thoughts is an international creative platform and annual workshop festival organized by Croatian association Gokul from Zabok with Slovenian associations KUD Mreža from Ljubljana and Klub Metulj – Youth Centre Bistrica ob Sotli from Bistrica ob Sotli, partnered by two Austrian organizations: Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus from Graz, and Šopron Shuffle – Trans European Music Meetings from Vienna.

The organizers of Improcon truly believe that improvisation – as one of the most important human skills – involves spontaneous creativity and interaction, and thus enables artists from various cultural and social backgrounds to come together and generate entirely new kinds of expressions that transcend conventional genres, styles and categories. Improvisation also promotes dissolution of boundaries between performers and listeners and gives access to the transcendent dimensions of creative experience. Melding diverse cultures, ethnicities, disciplines and ideas that shape society at large, improvisation is at the heart of a new musical and cross-cultural paradigm that uniquely reflects contemporary life.